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Factory’s total covered area: 4 Storied Building with Total Space 65,833 sft
T.K. footwear Limited spares special efforts to maintain highest quality in its production which has helped it retain consumer confidence. All raw materials, ingredients and chemicals undergo analysis and physical tests in accredited laboratories. Our own footwear technologists and Japanese footwear experts carry out regular inspections to maintain the quality.

T.K. Footwear Limited is a 100% Export oriented (BSCI certified) leather manufacturer in Bangladesh, residing in Chittagong the commercial capital city of Bangladesh. T.K. Footwear has been setting industry standards in Bangladesh leather footwear export industry since 2013. The Company develops, designs, and produces leather footwear for men, women, and children, as well as offers custom-made shoes. Hereby we are proud to disclose that we own the membership of the countries’ leading company T. K. Group of Industries. Our main strength is our technically sound group of technical personnel, its latest high-tech machineries and environmental friendly maintaining high quality strictness and also we have our own LWG certified tannery. The annual production capacity is 6 (six) Lac Pairs by a single shift of 8 hours to meet the ever growing global market demand and constant improvements in the service of its customers. T.K. Footwear Limited is exporting its products mainly in Japan and many other countries. We are mainly famous for our technically sound professionals (as Director & Advisor Ship) to comply with the demanding global market.

The annual production capacity is 6 (six) Lac Pairs by a single shift of 8 hours to meet the ever growing global market demand and constant improvements in the service of its customers.

T.K. Footwear Limited is exporting its product in Japan, Taiwan and Thailand. We are mainly famous for our technically sound professionals (as Director & Advisor Ship) to comply with the demanding global market.

Style of shoe construction by T. K. footwear ltd.


It’s having all required machinery (equipped with all hydraulic and swim arm leather cutting machines, 06 Sewing lines and 2 Assembly gluing and finishing lines).

Manpower Strength of the Factory: 550 nos. of skilled and Semi Skilled workers – male and female on equal opportunity basis and around 25 no’s of Management personnel.

Factory’s Machine capacity:  3,000 pairs per day of 8 hours. (Yearly 9,00,000 pairs.)

Attained (per day) capacity: 2,000 pairs per day by a single shift of 8 hours. (Yearly 6,00,000 pairs.)


Vision: Our vision is to attain 100% customer satisfaction worldwide through continual quality.

Motto: The above-mentioned motto was created and it actually is the core of our footwear business. We don’t only make shoe to sell but want our customers to feel part of the family and bind our customers with the best quality and on time delivery with world & local compliance and working standards.

Management Profile

Mohammad Abul Kalam

Managing Director, T. K. Group of Industries

Md. Mokhlesur Rahman

Director, T.K. Footwear Limited


Our main material (Leather) collected from LWG certified tannery which is a sister concern of  T.K. Group, situated same premises and other items are imported from reputed foreign company


Our sister tannery M/s Riff Leather Limited is equipped with state-of-the-art-technology and produce high quality leather, catering to the requirements of the footwear, leather goods and furniture industries. Serving to the ever changing and highly fashion oriented needs of our clients, spread all over Western Europe, Eastern Europe, China, Italy, Spain, Japan, Hong Kong, Vietnam etc. Hence we are well prepared to deliver a vast variety of footwear with variety of colors to our valued clients in the shortest possible time.

Footwear is one of those products that we wear daily and it is a necessity. There are certain ones for sport shoes, dress shoes, boots, sandals and more. Some materials are used to make the footwear comfortable, to be able to protect from injuries, or to make it look very exquisite. T. K. Footwear Limited has a strong commitment on environment friendly production of footwear with healthy Finished Leather from our sister concern LWG Certified Tannery gate in front. So our leather is safe for the human body. We arrange health & safety training, First Aid facilities and regular fire drills and have a fire fighter unit of its own comprising the workers from different sections. We encourage all our staff to form, join and organize trade unions and to bargain collectively on their behalf. We have a childcare centre of about 1200 Sqft fully separated from the production facility.

Generalized Offer


The Factory is fully equipped with all standard machineries, skilled work force and an efficient Management Team. We offer the Factory for continuing/ expanding its operations through a Joint Venture arrangement, collaborative use of partial or full production capacity, or any other suitable Agreement with its present Management body at very competitive terms.

Foreign Investors specialized in the same trade are preferable.
Interested Parties/ Investors/ Merchandisers/ Footwear Manufacturers/ Factory owners are requested to contact immediately through E-mail/ Cell Phone to:

Md. Mokhlesur Rahman
E-mail: info@tkfootwear.com, riff_leather@hotmail.com
WhatsApp Cell Phone: (+) 88 01819-311907