T. K. Footwear Limited

The Company view about Compliance

Footwear is one of those products that we wear daily and it is a necessity. There are certain ones for sport shoes, dress shoes, boots, sandals and more. Some materials are used to make the footwear comfortable, to be able to protect from injuries, or to make it look very exquisite. T. K. Footwear Limited has a strong commitment on environment friendly production of footwear with healthy Finished Leather from our sister concern LWG Certified Tannery gate in front. So our leather is safe for the human body. We arrange health & safety training, First Aid facilities and regular fire drills and have a fire fighter unit of its own comprising the workers from different sections. We encourage all our staff to form, join and organize trade unions and to bargain collectively on their behalf. We have a childcare centre of about 1200 Sqft fully separated from the production facility.

Footwear manufacturing generally poses many threats to the wellbeing of our planet as many toxins, chemicals and fossil fuels are produced and leaked into the environment during the first and last steps in the footwear life cycle. Actually we are highly concerned about the Guide to USA, EU & UK, and Japanese Footwear Compliance requirements with Leather authenticity. When we are exporting leather shoes to a member state of the EU, we should be concerned about the EU legislation for the leather products. Here the following restricted substances list we can confirm the non-existence of:

  • Mercury
  • Cadmium
  • Lead
  • Chromium (VI)
  • Azo dyes
  • PFOS ( Perflorooctane sulfonate)
  • PVC